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Watch cartoons online, Watch anime online, English dub anime

Important: Regarding to Fake Sites!! All Visitors Please Read!!

An update: We sometimes have issue on and If you see “502” or any kind of error please ignore and wait a couple of minutes and refresh the page. It will be gone. We are working on the system update but still couldn’t find a perminent solution. After we sort hopefully it will be much better in future. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Before starting the main topic we would like to thank you to all of our visitors. Many of you send us donations though paypal ( if you don’t our paypal account wcohelp{at here} ) We thank you again for the support.

Fake/Fraud/Copy Sites

Let’s go back to the main topic. We have received many complaints regarding to some of FAKE websites that looks like our website. They copy our web design and try to deceive our visitors.

Sometimes they ask to install an app, sometimes they ask to pay you some amount etc. Please DO NOT download/install/pay anything on your device which will cause you trouble in future.

Please note these are our websites that you can use freely without any problems. In case if you see an issue on one website you can always switch to other.

Any other domains are FAKE!!!!

Premium Users

It has been 10 years since we started serving you as the best anime source without bombarding pops etc. However we need to keep ads at a level so we can get going but some of our visitors get disturb on this so we decided to give you an option. We are currently working on the platform so not yet completed 100% but you can register and start using our website without any ads with extra features.

Registration Link :

The website is 100% safe and our website. We decided to keep the url short to make people make easily.

We have paypal payment method, probably most of you know it is almost impossible to do fraud on that so you can safely register and pay.

BTW we will accept only 100 premium users for now. If you aren’t hurry you might have to wait a bit longer to become a premium user.